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Rent a Car with a GPS and drive to the most famous World  Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO 


In Central Greece, Phocis set your GPS at (38,48N° , 22,5°E). Consult the ORACLE of Apollo in the panhellenic sanctuary in Delphi dated 8th BC. This was the spiritual center of the Greek world. Situated in a breathtaking setting at the foot of mountain Parnassus

In Thessaly , near Kalampaka set your GPS at (39,71°N , 21,63°E) you will find  Meteora where the monks built 24 hanging monasteria on "The columns  of the sky” from the 11th century full of frescoes of post-Byzantine paintings. 325kms from Athens about 4hrs it is the place where heart stopping shots James Bond 007 were taken (For Your Eyes Only).

In Central Macedonia, Imathia set your GPS at (40,47°N , 22,43°E) The 1st capital of the Kingdom of Macedon, dated by UNESCO 1ST millennium BC.! The archeological site of Aigai, or  in modern Vergina, the sight of burial of the father of Alexander The Great. The Monumental Palace decorated with mosaics.


In Argolis set yout GPS at (37,64°N , 22,75°E)

 Visit the archeological site of  Mycenae and Tiryns  dated 15th century BC. Two of most important cities of ancient Greece. “The Lions Gte” and “The Treasury of Atreus” at Mycenae are listed by UNESCO as “outstanding examples of human Creative Genious”.

In Epidaurus set your GPS AT (37,633°N , 23,133°E).

Visit the sanctuary of Asklepios the god of medicine developed at 6th century BC and the famous theater for its acoustics all considered masterpieces of Greek architecture. The vast site with its temples and hospital buildings provide valuable insight into the healing cults of Greek and Roman times. 

In Messenia, Bassae set your GPS at (37,42°N , 21,90E).

Drive to the temple Epicurus Apollo, the god of healing and the sun, which was built at 5th century BC in the lonely heights of the Arcadian mountains. It is an architectural combination of Archaic and Doric style. Very well preserved and sheltered under balloon tent. 

In Laconia, Mystras set your GPS at (37,08°N, 22,37°E)

Visit “The Wonder of Morea” a very well preserved medieval city, built at the foot of mountain Taygetos. This was the last Byzantine city to fall  to the Ottomans (1461).