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Athens Driving Tips

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Here are a few helpfull tips you should remember when driving in Athens:
  1. Be patient Greek drivers usually are not but you should not let this ruin your vacation.
  2. Drive defensively to protect yourselves and your passengers.
  3. If you want to drive out of Athens try to use the motorways as musc as possible to avoid traffic.
  4. If you can try to avoid the rush hour traffic (usually from 8:00 to 9:30 in the morning and from 16:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon although these times may vary according to season and unforeseeable events that may occur)
  5. If you are caught ina traffic jam be patient.  Unless you have an up to date GPS navigation system you should stick to your planned route.  Following a traffic sign that seems to lead to the same point you are heading may not always have the desired effect.
  6. If you are staying in the center of Athens rent a car to visit what is outside of the center.If you are staying in the outskirts of Athens use your  rental car to head to a main Metro Station where parking is available - you will save yourself a lot of hassle trying to find where to park in the centre of Athens (do not forget most of the monuments have pedestrian or public transport access only).
  7. If you are lost do not be afraid to ask.  You will find that most people in Greece will try to help you get to your destination. 
  8. If in trouble while driving a rental car always have the rental agency phone (and emergency phone) available.  They will help you.
  9. Remember that use of your mobile phone without a hands free kit is prohibited in Greece and bears a fine.
  10. Traffic Violations in Greece are expensive and bear fines that can rise to the amount of hundreds of Euros.
  11. All traffic violations while driving a rental car are payable by you.
  12. Speed limits are (unless otherwiseindicated) : 50kph for residential areas (30 kph in a lot of municipalities in Athens) 110 kph outside cities and 120 kph on motorways.